How to Become a Data Analyst With Big Income

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How to Become a Data Analyst With Big Income – When someone becomes a data analyst, it is a special concern in modern times today, because there are so many small and large technology-based companies that require the existence of a data analyst to manage their company data. Globally, data analysts work to be responsible for translating numbers into reports that management can understand. Every company definitely needs sales data, market research, logistics, to transportation costs.

Data analyst salary

How to Become a Data Analyst

Based on several roles and responsibilities in general, a data analyst in the company. Actually, it has been seen a little bit how to become a data analyst and what should be learned for beginners. If, by chance, you are a beginner or still confused about how to become a reliable data analyst

Assimilation / Data Analyst Salary

Data Analyst Salary, in 2022, you can get a salary of around $ 83,000,000.00 in year of experience. In addition, if your experience is more than 5 years, you have the potential to get a salary of around $ 90,000,000.00. This will certainly be adjusted again to the budget of the company that will accept you. So, are you interested in a job as a data analyst?

If you are interested in knowing how to become a Data Analyst? The following are some of the skills you need to have to become an expert data analyst.

1. Have good Analytical Skills

If you are working in the data field, a Data Analyst must have a certificate that is able to learn a problem with systematic techniques and frameworks. Steps like this certainly make it easier for you as a Data Analyst to analyze every company’s business problems.

2. Have the ability to communicate and present

Even if the data analyst’s job is to dissect the data, you are also required to have good communication skills. You must be able to explain technical matters, assess the company’s business progress, and convey it to many people in the company. For this reason, a data analyst is also required to be able to have communication and presentation skills.

3. Have the Ability to Understand statistics

Statistical concepts such as Median, mean, mode, and standard deviation are things you need to learn. because, to become a Data Analyst, you are required to be able to interpret data. Having a strong understanding of inferential and descriptive statistics would also be helpful.

4. Have Skills in Understanding programming languages

As a Data Analyst, it would be better if you also understand one of the programming languages. Even so, the more programming languages you understand, the better and more helpful your work will be. SQL programming is the most common among Data Analysts. To become a reliable Data Analyst, you need to continue to learn and enrich your experience. You can also join the data community to exchange information and improve your skills.

5. You are required to take the Data Analyst course program

In addition to gaining knowledge related to Data Analyst from university, you can also hone your skills by taking online courses provided for the Data Analyst profession. You can try learning Basic Data Analyst with Python taught by IBM on Coursera or you can try other alternatives by taking a Data Analyst course through Udemy which has collaborated with EKRUT.

6. Certified

To make your data analysis skills more capable and attractive to HRD, try to follow learning that can provide you with certification.

You can take part in several certification programs such as, Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP), Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences, Certified Analytics Professional and many more.

7. Have the ability to assess the business

In addition to being able to analyze data, a Data Analyst is expected to have the knowledge and skills to assess the business progress of a company. So, the insights generated by data analysts, will be in line with the company’s business.

8. You are required to Understand machine learning

In lysing data, teaching computers to be able to make decisions or predict something after having data is important.

If you don’t have this ability yet, try to start learning it. Online machine learning courses are even already easy to search for.

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