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(Watch) Link Video Viral Itaewon Halloween Stampede Accident Videos Original in Seoul South Korea Latestadseneca.com – (Watch) Link Video Viral The original Itaewon Halloween Stampede crash video has leaked from Seoul in Korea. Kind regards Partners, I would like to greet you once again with the President who will share the latest news and updates of the virus in 2022.
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A viral video of a Halloween episode in Itaewon leaked via an online redirect, completely safe candidate Your Wisconsin volleyball player was overthrown! If you’re one of those users, the YouTube video is disconnected, so it could be a reverse video of a specific Halloween episode.
There are different relationships on Twitter. Social training until this defined video was completed on October 29, and in another report in ITAEEWON Halloween Rush in Seoul Zayed Korea, we heard reports that ITAEWON Halloween is facing problems in publishing individual photos and records by virtual conversion without necessity. They met tons. Patented. Itaewon Halloween Rush Accident Records in Seoul South Korea – What Genuinely Happened?
Around 9 a.m. Sunday, a dangerous Halloween crowd erupted in Seoul’s Itaewon neighborhood, killing 151 people, including 19 untouchables, and injuring 82 others.

Itaewon Halloween Stampede Accident Videos in Seoul South Korea – What Really Happened?

Our strongest thoughts go to those who lost a loved one in the tragedy last night.

Itaewon is an area in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Subway Line 6 passes through Itaewon, Noksapyeong and Hangangjin stations.

About 22,000 people live in the area and it is home to renters, explorers, expats, and American citizens of Seoul. The military is an important sector of the workforce.

Known as the public area of ​​Seoul, it is home to many of the untouchables in South Korea.

Itaewon crowd crush: ‘Felt like an accident was bound to happen’

Revelers in organizations are turned away from the frantic efforts of medical staff on the sidewalks, dozens of bodies are carried under gas blankets: In the crowded Itaewon district of Seoul, the Halloween party ended in disaster on Saturday.
Nearly 150 people were killed in floods and festival eruptions, and the rangers were still cloudy on Sunday. Discovered near former US military installations, the South Korean capital’s prominent international neighborhood is known for its bars and clubs.
Since most Covid restrictions have been lifted, large numbers of people, usually young and often in elaborate Halloween costumes, have descended on the area for basic Halloween celebrations on Saturday night.
Jeon Ga-eul, 30, who is now cooling off at a bar, said, “My friend said something terrible was happening outside.”

“I said: What do you propose? As I walked out, I saw people on the street doing CPR. “

Bolstered by the 2020 Korean hit show Itaewon Class, the neighborhood is a maze of steep entrances for back-injured people on either side of the main street.

Witnesses told AFP that social relations were particularly intense on Saturday evening, and Jeon said he felt unsafe even before the tragedy.

“Such wonderful people were really rushed and I sat up in the meeting and couldn’t leave any time soon,” he said.

“I felt like a trouble will without a doubt happen.”

The charge happened in a tight back entrance near the Hamilton Housing in Itaewon.

Amid numerous frustrations, key first responders noted that witnesses were directing crisis management and performing CPR at the accident on the road.

Collectibles from the trampled or trampled dead were lined up in blankets or cloths.

Several ambulances rushed to the emergency center of the Soon Chun Hyang School, which is near Itaewon, where numerous accidents have taken place.

On the stage, which had been cordoned off by the police and bathed in countless bright red lights, music continued to play from unmistakable bars.

Surprised spectators sat on the sidewalks and actually checked their phones. Others hugged each other and did their own thing, while others – apparently unaware of the extent of the problem spreading around them – continued the party.

Police specialists scoured the garbage thronw back doorways.

It’s always drunk, but a little touch like this never happened,” said Jo Young Busamae, 24, a bartender at Itaewon Hall.

“I’ve attended many Halloween parties in Korea,” he said, adding, “I never thought something like this could happen in Korea, especially Itaewon.”


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