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Link Video Viral Stanislav Reshetnyak Video Full Killed Girlfriend on Stream Youtube and Reddit – (NEW) Stanislav Rashtniak Viral Video Link Killed Girlfriend Full Video on Youtube Stream and Reddit. Stanislav Rashtniak Viral video, according to Stanislav Rashtniak, a Russian enrichment farm that visits Stas Reflai on the web, a Russian scheme to be ignored for kicking a loved one in a dish and going to the queue, to six years in prison has been condemned. After years in prison, he died of hypothermia after being kicked out without finding his soul mate.

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In a live stream of the December 2020 event, which Insider was able to film, Reshetnyak’s lover, Valentina Grigorieva, may have been wearing the clothes she apparently wore on her way to the exhibit.

He later realized she was not breathing and called the doctors, who told him she was dead. The name of the person here is Riffle, and this woman, Valentina, was probably his lover, at least recently maybe. other woman.

She was similarly enriching, and a fight ensued with Reeflay, who rocked his broadcast for a few hours, then resumed with her lifeless corpse on his couch. In the end, it passes the Russian YouTuber

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Whoever aired GF’s death after being paid to be mistreated by the moderators was sentenced Tuesday to 6 years in prison in the shade and cold on the orders of the guards.

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A live streamer has been arrested after a viewer was paid to troll Hera, a Russian YouTuber who murdered his spouse in a disgusting live stream while watching him.

Stas Rifli, 30, named Stanislav Rashtnikov, has been sentenced by a Russian court to six years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm.

Valentina Grigorieva 28 years old was the victim of live computer abuse and died of a head injury. Bullying Reshetnikov, 30, took money from monitors to inflict real verbal abuse on her during an overflowing demonstration in which she died.

When he entered the Moscow court, his mother, Elena Reshetnyak, was seen. As he walked alongside armed authorities to carry out the sentence, he broke down in tears. In the live stream, he called Grigorieva a “bitch” and a “dishonor”.

Initial reports suggested that this prevented the container from being sealed from the outside, as it was detected in the cold temperatures that gamblers watched live on YouTube and other platforms, but experts later concluded that the impact It was the cause of death.

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